Kitchen Experiments with Jana

One of my favorite things is cooking and I always like to experiment on whatever I have on my kitchen.I would look at a picture or a recipe and give a twist to it and then get crazy and do whatever. I am glad that my experiments turn out well. 🙂

We are experiencing super typhoon Vongfong right now. With howling winds and heavy rain, we are stuck inside the house, so after taking a long nap I decided to make some Black Bean burgers that I found from The Pioneer Woman’s site.

Black Bean Burger

Except that I don’t have a burger bun, so we would start our experiment there.
I got Anderson to help me with this, and we put our black beans first.


Then the power went out, so all of the next pictures would not look good. :p


I had Anderson mash the black beans,


I put some breadcrumbs and some grated onion;

Some chili pepper, salt, and black pepper; but then I like meat. So I put in meat. haha.
I believe this recipe is for vegetarians, but I want my meat on my burger patty so I changed my mind from just black beans.

Then I put an egg.
We mixed it, and then formed four patties.


We put the olive oil on the pan for frying,

then the power came back on as I was about to fry the patties.

Turn them after a few minutes of frying one side.

I am sorry I don’t really do measurements. So I just see and experiment 🙂
Then when done frying, I put a slice of cheese on top.


Since I don’t have the burger buns, I decided to copy the Okinawan’s way of doing their taco rice. Since they don’t have the tortilla, I also don’t have the buns. But we can eat rice just fine so this would work.


We put some lettuce, tomatoes,

and then the black bean burger patty on top. Voila!


Then we heard people running outside our house, and giggling. I was like, what was that? Then we heard a knock on the door.


Of course, our amazing friends came by and invited us out. As you can see they have their gears on, boots, helmet, and jackets!

So we went outside and felt the wind and even went to Jesse’s apartment for a while. Then came back.

But before the meal, we did not forget to make some orange juice.


We went to Manga souko the other day and found this cheap electric juicer for 800 yen.


Haha, and now we’re ready to eat.




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